Oakland DEVO and it sibling high school clubs are 100% volunteer run organizations. Our passionate coaches have trained and gotten certified on their own time and ride for the kids. None of this works without volunteers. As the season ramps up (January to June), we’ll need a group of volunteers to make sure the stoke level is high. Here’s what we need:

  • Coaches/Ride Leaders — the only way for parents/guardians (or any non-middle schooler) to ride with us all season is to be a coach/ride leader. To become a coach/ride leader, you’ll need to attain at least a “level 1” certification from NICA. This involves a 2-3 hour commitment involving risk management and concussion training webinars as well as on the bike skills training.

  • Team Manager — riding with us is not the only way you can help. The Team Manager’s job is to help fill in the blanks for the head coach. This might involve helping organize team events (camping trips), communicating with parents, helping out at the beginning or end of a ride, helping with registration, etc.

  • Team Helpers — most of our rides don’t need a lot of assistance, but when we have events (like our camping trips), we usually can use a few hands to help out with stuff like camp setup/teardown or anything that may require humans to perform.

There are probably lots of other roles parents/guardians can play that I haven’t listed here. Sadly, mountain biking is generally a sport where you don’t watch your kid riding (unless you’re on the rides with us). This means most of the time you’re going to find yourself dropping off and picking up — and that becomes the extent of your involvement in the club.

We know that aside from riding with us, it’s not easy to be helpful. So, please let us know how you’d like to help or improve the club — we’re open to suggestions. Kids who ride with us are the happiest kids I’ve ever met. It would be wonderful if our kids can share that stoke with their families.

If you’re interested in volunteering in any of these roles, please talk to Coach Rich.