About Expectations & Commitment

When is the team’s season? When do we ride?

The season kicks off in January and runs through May. Expect about 3 adventure field trips to trails further away. Last year, we went to China Camp (day trip), Folsom Lake (camping), and Mount Tam (camping).

Before Daylight Savings Time, we hold one ride a week on Sunday mornings from 9:30-12:30. After DST begins, we add one after-school ride (usually from 4:30-6 weather permitting). We generally meet at Joaquin Miller Park in the Oakland Hills. .

What kind of commitment is expected?

While DEVO is all about fun and no races, it may seem like your child doesn’t need to commit to attending rides. But, as you might already know, it takes a lot to run this program. Our coaches and ride leaders have invested a lot of time to get trained and certified by NICA. While we understand that some winter and spring sports have priority over mountain biking for some families, we hope you’ll consider our sport a priority for your child. After all, our goal is for this to be a lifetime sport for your child and family.

Being part of Oakland DEVO also means being a good “citizen” out there on the trails, representing our greater mountain biking community. As such, you’ll learn about safety and trail etiquette as we are sharing our local trails with other users, like hikers and equestrians. Helping to maintain our trails is a way to “give back,” too, so we’ll organize trail building / volunteering opportunities and request your participation.

What is expected from parents/families?

You and your family can also help Oakland DEVO in a number of ways:

  • Ride with us. Last year we started the season with around 50 kids. We don’t want to be in a situation where we don’t have enough coaches or ride leaders during a ride. Our kids’ safety is our top priority.

  • Raising awareness about the team, and recruiting any friends who have bikes and want to ride

  • Volunteering with any team activities or field trips

  • Supporting our coaches and ride leaders with any help they may need during ride preparation

  • Ride with your child. Families who ride together…

How do we train?

All of our coaches are trained, licensed and experienced with training kids to be safe, have fun and go fast on a bike. Many of our coaches also are wilderness first aid trained.

Anything Else?

If we didn’t answer a question you are wondering about, please contact us.