Registration for the 2019 Season

In order to participate in the 2019 Season, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Register your child in the Pit Zone — the Pit Zone is NICA’s database of student athletes and coaches/ride leaders. Unfortunately, you can’t register yourself in the Pit Zone — you have to get an invite link from Coach Rich. He’s going to invite all Fall Fun ride parents/guardians. Look in your inbox for an email from NICA Pit Zone. You can ignore any information about racing in the Pit Zone (this is the same system the high school teams use to register for races). DEVO does not participate in any of the races.

  2. Pay your NorCal League and NICA dues ($50) — during the Pit Zone registration, you’ll be asked to pay your NorCal League and NICA dues ($25 each). These dues help pay for our team to be insured and coach licensing.

  3. Pay your Oakland DEVO dues — $50 for 2019. These fees will be used to fund our various adventure and camping trips, team shirts, and other team events. You can pay this fee via PayPal or send a check to Coach Rich.

The 2019 season kicks off with our first ride in January. We’ll only be announcing future rides and events to registered riders/parents. So, please register soon!

Parents/Guardians interested in riding with us

If you’re a parent or guardian that would like to ride with us during the season, you’re more than welcome. However, you’ll need to also register in the Pit Zone — email Coach Rich to be invited as a coach. During the Pit Zone registration, you’ll be asked to pay a License Membership fee. This fee includes the fee for required background check. Please let Coach Rich know if you’d like to be reimbursed. We have some budget to cover this fee. Beyond registering in the Pit Zone, you’ll also need to attain a Level 1 coach certification (about a 2hr commitment to webinar style training on how to handle concussions and risk management). More information can be found at NICA’s Coach Licensing program.