Our mission is simple: #morekidsonbikes


We're a team of middle and high school girls and boys who love mountain biking. Our club consists of kids who live in and attend public and private middle and high schools in Oakland and its surrounding areas. We ride for fun, not competition!

Our mission is to get more kids on bikes. We focus on mountain biking because it is safe and fun. It gives kids an opportunity to get outside, get exercise, explore, learn about the natural world that is around us. We want all kids to be able to experience this sport, regardless of income, and as much as we are able to we try to make that happen. We want to give kids who don't do a sport a chance to try an activity that might be a good fit for them. We think screens are OK, but we like offering a fun alternative to looking at a phone. :) We want to teach all kids the basic physical skill of riding a bike for safety, fun and confidence. We want to help teach life lessons through coaching kids to ride mountain bikes, building strong minds, bodies and character in the process. We hope to produce lifetime riders.



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